Probiotics in the form of capsules


Restoration and maintenance of female intestinal and vaginal flora.

The probiotic EVA Βiolact Capsules, with the beneficial microorganisms (lactobacilli) it contains, restores immediately and prevents effectively the disruption of the normal flora of the bowel, the vagina and the sensitive area of the woman, which may appear due to any cause such as antibiotics, vaginitis etc.


• Reception of antibiotics for any etiology
• Vaginitis of any etiology
• Reception of contraceptives, antifungal or chemotherapy medicines or radiotherapy application
• After the end of menstruation
• During menopause
• Daily stress

It contains Lactobacillus coagulans in the form of spores.
Without hormones or pharmaceutical substances.

Packaging: BT x 20 capsules


To restore the normal flora when it is disturbed: 1 to 2 capsules daily
To maintain the normal flora: 1 capsule daily

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