4th digital Science on the Go: Step by step, the creation of an antiseptic and a vitamin supplement

The 4th Digital Science on the Go, the Mobile Science Laboratory, organized by Uni-pharma & InterMed, pharmaceutical companies of the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies (OFET), took place with great success on Friday, December 11, 2020.

The research team of Uni-pharma & InterMed, presented online and step by step, according to all safety protocols, due to Pandemic Covid, the creation of an WHO antiseptic and a vitamin supplement. Both companies, have huge and long lasting experience, according to these two formulations.The specific action that supports the research, the science and the new generation, is part of the Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibilito of Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies.

The online research laboratory was attended by professors and students of the Schools of Pharmacy as well as journalists.

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