Chemists and journalists’ visit from Cyprus to the bioclimatic industry of Uni-pharma in Kifisia

The administration of the Group of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis (OFET) with the pharmaceutical industries Uni-pharma, Intermed and the merchant company of Cyprus Pharmabelle, welcomed a team of chemists and journalists from Cyprus on Friday 22nd of February, at the facilities in Kifisia.

The visitors were guided at their contemporary facilities where they had the chance to see the new bioclimatic industry of Uni-pharma – which functions properly from 2015- and to discuss in person the business plans of the administration headed by misses Ioulia and Eirini Tseti.

Nowadays production facilities of Uni-pharma, which use the latest technology, with robotic systems and advanced security level, result from the extension of the previous facilities, thanks to the biggest investment to a sum of 35 million euros that took place in our country the last years, in the middle of the worst postwar recession that Greece has met.

Investments, extroversion, economic data

With three new contemporary production industries, the Group of the Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis, has impressively good results of development, having invested more than 80 million euros the last years.

With the three-years investment plan (2019-2021) outreaches 15 million euros with the completion of the renovation of the first historical industry of Uni-pharma, at Ethniki Athinon Lamias.

At the same time, a new ultramodern logistic center with the same owner is created and it will serve the requirements of the second industry of the laboratories, of the pharmaceutical InterMed.

The Laboratories industries export at 61 markets abroad, having as their emblem the necessity for extroversion and national orientation, a necessity for the development of Greece.

Today, the Group of the Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis, occupies more than 500 employees, while the last three years (2015-2018) the staff was increased by 150 new positions.

The merchant PHARMABELLE is founded in 2014 in Cyprus, with an interest in offering innovative pharmaceutical and para- pharmaceutical products for the Cypriot and international market.

It also represents the famous pharmaceutical industries of Uni-pharma and InterMed and develops strategic cooperations with suppliers and companies with high standards.


Responsibility for the society

The Group of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis, are appeared especially dynamic in the social action field, supporting vulnerable social groups and remote areas, through the significant action of LIFE MISSION.

This action integrated in the strategic program of Corporate social responsibility of the Group of OFET. In particular, the Group of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis, realize in corporation with the local Medical and Dental Associations, preventive medical and dental screening tests, while all the employers support actions for the Environment.

Moreover, OFET, enforce the CNPC- Civic Non Profit Company of Kleon Tsetis (dedicated to the memory of the creator of industries, dearly departed Kleon Tsetis, restless chemist and explorer) which is the most critical moment social actions, aiming to support the university, investigative and scholar society but also the new generation of scientists. The CNPC Kleon Tsetis loyal to the dream of its founder and to the encouragement of knowledge and the new generation, support with internships new scientists from the field of pharmaceutics, Medicine and art. In the end of 2018, the CNPC Kleon Tsetis signed a cooperation covenant with Axion Hellas, in order to be more closely to the vulnerable social groups.


Research- Development and Distinctions

A company like the Group of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Tsetis, with two important industries, it’s reasonable to aim the research and the development, spearheading our production.

From 2018 until today, we have handed in 9 new applications for patent degrees as well as 26 national and 12 European patents.

The industries Uni-pharma, InterMed and the bioclimatic industry of Uni-pharma, which is a “diamond” not only for the Greek industry but also for the whole Europe, have many distinctions and awards-  national and international.

Among the distinctions that Pharmaceutical Laboratories S.A has received is the national certification of business excellence of 5 stars EFQM and Investors in People International.

Furthermore, Uni-pharma as well as InterMed are proud members of the United Nations Global Compact.

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