DIAMONDS 2020: Uni-pharma & InterMed, Diamonds of the Greek Economy

Another significant Award for Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies.

Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies, with the industries of Uni-pharma & InterMed, awarded once more, as one of the Diamonds of the Greek Economy, at the DIAMONDS of the Greek Economy 2020 Business Excellence event, which took place on the evening of Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at the HILTON hotel Athens.

The important award was received by the President and CEO of the Group and member of the Board of SEV Mrs. Ioulia Tseti from the Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.

It is worth noting that the Minister Mr. Adonis Georgiadis thanked many times Mrs. Tseti on behalf of the Greek State, for her strong reflexes and initiative, to donate chloroquine and antiseptics to the Greek National Health System, during the most serious moment of the public health crisis, the Pandemic – Covid-19. As well, the group's financial figures, recorded an impressive increase, reaching up to + 155% in net profit before taxes. Additionally, the Group invested 20 million euros, for the historic plant of Uni-pharma. 

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