DIAMONDS OF THE GREEK ECONOMY 2021: Uni-pharma & InterMed are the Diamonds

Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies, awarded this year again, as a Diamond of the Greek Economy 2021.

The event, took place on July 7, 2021, at the GALAZIO estate, in Elliniko, Attica, and organised by the New Times Publishing Group - headed by Mr. Spyros Ktenas.

The Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies, was distinguished for its continuous investments in a difficult and demanding environment, for the significant increase of its financial results and its targeted strategy in terms of Corporate Responsibility , (CSR) which includes actions for society, the environment, science, research and the new generation.

The award was received by the Head of Exports of OFET Mr. George Spigos, who praised the work of all companies that stood out, which as he stressed toil, produce and invest in a difficult and demanding time, due to the pandemic, with the employees however, giving their best.

"The Tseti Pharmaceutical Group is moving dynamically with the precious legacy of Kleonas Tseti, who envisioned a modern pharmaceutical industry, which will meet the needs of patients with high value-added products," he said in his statement Mr. Spigos, adding that "the DIAMONDS 2021 award is a recognition of our efforts and a responsibility for the future."

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