Eva Intima Cervasil granules & The Skin Pharmacist, «Product of the Year 2024»

Two important distinctions, as "PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR 2024", were won by two significant products of the pharmaceutical company InterMed.

These are EVA INTIMA CERVASIL Granules and THE SKIN PHARMACIST – sensitive skin, which won this very high distinction in the country and stood out for their innovation and creative spirit, as consumer and useful products. In the sixth edition of the new era of the institution in Greece, products from 36 different categories managed to distinguish themselves and will be able to carry the "Product of the Year 2024" logo.

The awarding of the distinctions took place in a brilliant event in the packed Banquet Hall of the Athens Concert Hall, with business executives, representatives of institutional bodies and members of the academic community honoring the important evening with their presence.

As every year, the products that chose to participate in the institution were evaluated by an Expert Audit Committee, made up of trade professionals, representatives of institutional bodies and experts, in order to ensure that the criteria of innovation are met "Voted Product of the Year" is the largest and most important award institution internationally regarding the innovation of consumer products and services, with the distinctions resulting from a vote of the consumer public. It was founded in France in 1987 and is now organized in over 45 countries around the world, with the same main purpose: to highlight the new innovative products on the market and to reward the companies that create them, for their investment and belief in innovation.

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