Health & Safety Awards 2021 - Two Gold and one Silver award at OFET

Two Gold and one Silver award were won by the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies on Thursday, May 20, in the context of the Health & Safety Awards 2021, organized for the 8th year by Boussias under the auspices of ELINYAE.

In the most challenging year - during which the pandemic repeatedly shook economies, societies and health systems - the industries of the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group - Uni-pharma and InterMed - managed to stand out, once again putting the security, prevention, as well as an organized and coordinated strategy, not only for their employees but also for all their partners and suppliers.

In detail, the awards received by OFET are as follows:

In the category "Healthy & Safe Workplace", GOLD award in the New bioclimatic building of UNI-PHARMA - Healthy & Safe Workplace

In the category "Facility Upgrade & Modernization / Work Health and Safety Invention" GOLD award, in the New innovative mechanical equipment in the production of medicines of Uni-pharma.

In the category "Crisis Response", SILVER award to the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group, for crisis management. -

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