Rhetoric Olympic Wreath: Ethical Award, for  Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies

With another award, which emphasizes its constant focus and emphasis on ETHICAL BUSINESS and responsible entrepreneurship, the Tseti Pharmaceutical Group of Companies (with the Uni-Pharma & InterMed industries) was awarded at December 16, 2020.  

This is the RHETORIC OLYMPIC WREATH award, with which OFET was distinguished, during the 13th Awards Ceremony "RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS BY EBEN".

As Mr. Mr. George Costopoulos, the head of OFET HR,  mentioned, «Ethical Business and Social Responsibility are a way of life and a philosophy of our Group. Our values ​​under the acronym TELEIA, which signify Teamwork, Ethos - Ethics, Continuing Learning, Excellence, Innovation and Responsibility - Accountability, is the main canvas on in which the Group's industries weave their entire Strategy.

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