The first baby of BE-LIVE was born!

One year after the official announcement for the establishment of Be-Live, her first baby came into the world! Be-Live's first child!

The couple's first child who had been trying to live the family's dream for years, and that dream came true thanks to the collective effort of all Be-Live people, but especially its creators, reproductive doctors Vasilis Kellari and Hari Chiniades.

On 27/02/2019 the two gynecologists had announced the establishment of the non-profit Be-Live Association with the main purpose of helping infertile couples who dream of having a child, offering their services for free. In a country such as Greece, with an ever-increasing birth rate and a steady decline in working population, Be-Live was created to provide prospects for infertile couples who cannot afford the cost of IVF therapies. 

InterMed, pharmaceutical company of OFET (Pharmaceutical Group of Tsetis Companies) supports the NGO Be Live. 

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