Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies is one of the «Most Sustainable Companies» in Greece 2020!

Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies (with Uni-pharma, InterMed, Pharmabelle & UniHerbo) belongs from December 7, 2020, to the leading group of "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020",  that means, the companies with the greatest sustainable growth.

These 25 Greek companies - models, which highlight the Business Charter of Sustainable Development in our country. This is a technical evaluation and not an award, which was carried out by the executives of the Quality Net Foundation Network and lasted several months. As a matter of fact, this makes the title "Most Sustainable Companies" for the industries of OFET, especially important.

These companies that are part of the leading team of the elites of the Greek business scene, stood out based on their technical evaluation, from the «Sustainability Performance Directory».

They operates as examples of good business and ethical practice and can play an important role in shaping a new development model that is directly linked to the competitiveness of Greek companies and attracting investment.

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