UNI-PHARMA A.B.E.E. & InterMed Top Employers 2023 in Greece

The Tsetis pharmaceutical Group of companies UNI-PHARMA & InterMed were declared Top Employers in Greece for 2023 by the Top Employer Institute.

The certification by the independent international organization "Top Employer" proves the organization's commitment to a better working environment through the policies and good practices of the Human Resources department.

The Top Employers program certifies organizations based on the participation and results of the HR Best Practices Survey. This survey covers six HR areas consisting of 20 topics including HR Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Training, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Wellbeing and more.

The Head of HR of UNI-PHARMA & InterMed Smaragdi Talaki said: We are particularly pleased with this global certification. The fact that we are the first Greek pharmaceutical company to be recognized as a Top Employer for 2023 fills us with optimism to continue with our people to serve health and put human life as a priority. We are proud to have our companies' best practices recognized by a global independent organization and are committed to continuing to work tirelessly to create an ever better environment for our 600 people.

For his part, Top Employers Institute CEO David Plink states: “Great moments bring out the best in people and organizations. And that's what we saw in the Top Employers certification program this year: outstanding performance by certified Top Employers 2023. These employers have always shown that they care about the growth and well-being of their people. In this way, they collectively enrich the world of work. We are proud to announce and celebrate this year's group of top people-oriented employers: Top Employers 2023."

The specific program certified and recognized 2,053 Top Employers from 121 countries on 5 Continents.

About UNI-PHARMA & InterMed

The Tseti Pharmaceutical Enterprises Group consists of the pharmaceutical companies UNI-PHARMA and InterMed, the medicinal plant extraction unit UniHerbo in Greece and the trading company in Cyprus Pharmabelle. The industries, with their pioneering and innovative formulations, are the most reliable ambassadors of our country and Greek production in the 66 foreign markets. The Group has adopted the SDGs and Sustainable Development standards as an integral part of its daily operation. The management of the Group aims to increase even more its social footprint, while reducing the environmental and energy footprint, remaining committed to effective corporate governance and Ethical Business. In recent years, OFET has invested more than €80 million, while in the three-year period 2019-2021 the investments exceeded €50 million. In the last four-year period 2018-2021, it financed a total of 37 research proposals with its own funds - of which 20 concern scholarships of the AMKE "Kleon Tsetis" Foundation.

For more information: www.uni-pharma.gr

About the Top Employers Institute

The Top Employers Institute is the global authority for recognizing excellence in Human Practices. The Institute helps accelerate these practices to enrich the world of work. Through the Top Employers Institute Certification Program, participating companies can be validated, certified and recognized as an "employer of choice." Founded more than 30 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has certified 2,053 organizations in 121 countries/regions. These certified top employers positively impact the lives of more than 9.5 million workers worldwide.

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