UNI-PHARMA SA, supported an important preventive action of the Hellenic Cardiology Society

The Hellenic Cardiology Society continues to inform the citizens as well as social actions to reduce mortality and morbidity resulting from cardiovascular diseases.

Specifically, on Friday, November 24, 2023, a team of cardiologists-members of the EKE, led by Mrs. Angeliki Mavroyianni, Member of the Board of Directors. of the Hellenic Cardiology Society, visited the Regional Clinic of Nestorius in Kastoria and performed a preventive cardiac check-up on approximately 70 people, most of them elderly.

During the examinations, the Doctors provided advice to the citizens, they were given informative material on the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, while there were cases that were referred for further medical examination at the Kastoria Hospital. The President of EKE, Professor of Cardiology, Mr. G. Kochiadakis, on the occasion of this specific social action, stated: "The prevention of the cardiovascular health of citizens is the main concern of the Hellenic Cardiology Society, and in this context the initiative of EKE in Nestorio Kastoria, as well as other future actions in Attica and the region that are planned for the next period of time".

The action was carried out with the kind sponsorship of the pharmaceutical industry UNI-PHARMA SA, within the framework of its Strategy for Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility

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