Repel Pocket Size

Moisturizing and ODORLESS strong insect repellent. Suitable for all the family, children and infants.

Repel® is a moisturizing and protective product for the entire body.

It is designed to offer double effect after application on the unprotected parts of the skin:
1. Repel® moisturizes and soothes irritations with hyaluronic sodium
2. It has a strong and at the same time skin friendly insect repellent action, due to IR3535 that lasts for several hours (minimum 6h).  Concentration of IR3535 15%.

Repel® is highly effective against a wide range of insects and ticks:
• Mosquitoes
• Ticks
• Lice
• Stable flies, Black flies, Sand flies, Deer flies
• Biting midges
• House flies
• Wasps
• Bees

Repel® is odorless, and can be used with suncare, without any effect on the repellent action.
It is dermatologically tested and suitable for infants and children.
It is preservative and parabens free.

Spray 15ml

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