Baby and children’s microenemas with chamomile & mallow



Medilax -N are microenemas containing natural extracts of chamomile and mallow and are intended to relieve constipation of infants and children as well as reduce the tenderness observed in defecation. The specific composition of Medilax-N microenemas softens the embedded faces while at the same time soothes and relieves the irritated intestinal lumen so that the process becomes as painful as possible.

Packaging: 6 infant microenemas of 3gr, 6 children's microenemas of 6gr



Symptomatic treatment of constipation

Preparation for endoscopic colonoscopy

With chamomile & mallow



Dosage for Babies:

1 Medilax - N Infants micronenemas is enough to cause bowel movement in 5 to 30 minutes. Administration may be repeated after 3 days.

Dosage for Children aged 2-6 years:

1 Medilax - N Children's microenemas is enough to cause bowel movement in 5 to 30 minutes.

How to use: Hold the microenemas with both hands as shown in the picture and pull to break the protective collar. Remove the lid and put the special spout carefully into the rectum. Press microenemas in order to empty the interior in the intestine and remove the spout holding microenemas continuously pressed.

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