Antimicrobial protection, relief and care of the oral cavity


Chlorhexil 0.12% Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine 0.12%), designed to control and neutralize the microorganisms in the oropharyngeal cavity, for the effective treatment of gingivitis and gingival bleeding reduction. At the same time improves scarring through the clamp, empowerment and relief


• Gingivitis and gingival bleeding
• Anti-microbial plaque
• Treatment and relief of pharyngitis or tonsillitis (gargle)

Contains Clorhexidine 0.12%, chamomile extract, Krameria Triandra, Commiphora Myrrha and a-bisabolol.

Without alcohol. Great tasting herbs.

FL x 250 mL


Wash your mouth 30 to 60 sec with 10ml undiluted solution CHLORHEXIL 0.12%, 2 times daily for 15 to 20 days

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