Unisept Dental Cleanser

Daily Mouthwash



Unisept Dental Cleanser is a daily mouthwash. Combines all the benefits of multiple action of active oxygen with strong and long lasting antiseptic protection offered by the CPC and chlorhexidine helping to improve the daily hygiene of the oral cavity and fight the causes of bad breath.

Packaging: 250ml



  • Improve the health and daily care of the oral cavity
  • Daily care and attention if you bring within the oral cavity prostheses, implants and orthodontic applications.
  • Specially formulated daily toothpaste for oral hygiene during pregnancy & lactation. Suitable for all ages.
  • With hydrogen peroxide 0.8%, chlorhexidine 0.055% & aketylpyridinio chloride 0,05% (CPC)


Use 10 mL of insoluble Unisept Dental Cleanser for 60 sec, 1 - 2 times per day, every day.

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