Unisept Mouthwash

Daily mouthwash



Unisept Mouthwash is a unique daily mouthwash, which offers multiple action. Contributes to daily hygiene care and oral antiseptic protection while healing and relieving pain caused by ulcers and sores.

Packaging: 250ml



• Antimicrobial protection, pain relief and accelerated healing of wounds and sores of the mouth caused by:
-Dental surgery
-Orthodontic applications

• Specially formulated daily toothpaste for oral hygiene during pregnancy & lactation. Suitable for all ages.

• Fights bad breath

• Treats xerostomia (dry mouth)

With active oxygen (carbamide peroxide 4.3%).

Without alcohol.



Use 10 mL of insoluble Unisept Mouthwash for 60 sec, 1 - 2 times per day, every day.

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