Innovative anti-lice System with odorless active ingredients of natural origin.

Repel® Anti-lice Prevent is a moisturizing lotion designed to protect the hair from lice, without drying or disturbing the micro-environment of the scalp.
Its special formula consists of Hyaluronic Acid and IR3535, two key ingredients for a safe and hygienic protection.
This formula ensures a effective repellent action that lasts 48 hours, much more than most of other lice-repellents. Thus, it can be applied every 2 days!

Main ingredients:

IR3535 is a highly effective and safe repellent, based on a natural molecule of b-alanine, is recommended by the WHO - and has clinically documented protection against lice when used in concentration of 20%.

Hyaluronic Acid covers the hair, forming a protective film that stops harmful environmental factors from affecting the hair and scalp. At the same time, thanks to its moisture-binding ability, it hydrates the hair and enhances its
natural growth capacity.

Repel® Anti-lice Prevent is suitable for the whole family and its use is recommended preventively to children during school or summer camps and generally to individuals that often use crowded public transportation etc.
It can also be used after a lice removing treatment in order to prevent new scalp infestation.


Repel® Anti-lice Prevent, like any other product of Repel® line, is free from:

  • chemical biocides,
  • essences,
  • colorings,
  • parabens.

Dermatologically tested.
200ml bottle.


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