Repel ® Anti-lice Restore comprises of a Lotion / Shampoo & a specially designed comb and effectively relieves the scalp of lice and nits. It should be applied on hair, only after a confirmed infestation of lice.

Repel ® Anti-lice Restore:
1. Kills lice and nits in 15 minutes
2. Eliminates nit residuals thanks to its specially designed comb
3. Leaves the hair clean after a quick rinse

Mode of action:
Thanks to the unique combination of dimethicone and coconut oil derivatives, when it is applied on the scalp and hair, it creates a temporary artificial barrier to the airways of lice, resulting in necrosis of these organisms due to suffocation, within 15 minutes.

Repel® Anti-lice Restore eliminates lice by an absolute mechanical way. Its special composition:

  • Ensures the effective lice and nit elimination in 15 minutes, with only one application.
  • Cleans the hair leaving it soft and easy to brush.
  • Does not promote adaptation of the parasites
  • Is dermatologically tested and suitable for children over 2 years old and adults.
  • The packaging ensures the ideal quantity for family use.

Repel® Anti-lice Restore is a medical device that has been developed in Uni-pharma laboratories.

Repel® Anti-lice Prevent, like any other product of Repel® line, is free from:
- chemical biocides,
- essences,
- colorings,
- parabens.

Dermatologically tested.
Bottle of 200gr.

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